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May Birth Flower – Lily of the Valley

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A low growing perennial plant, the Lily of the Valley is known as the most delicate and beautiful member if the Lily family. Producing a small and wonderfully fragrant bell-shaped flower, the Lily of the Valley is the official birth flower for the month of May.

Symbolising sweetness, humility and chastity this flower is also know to signify a return to happiness. The flowers are normally white, but some may have a soft pink hue.

A popular wedding flower, the Lily of the Valley has featured in numerous poems and was even the name of a song by UK rock band Queen!

Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner… Show how much you care and spoil your mum with these popular flowers:

Chrysanthemum: an iconic Mother’s Day flower often called ‘mums’ – these flowers are said to bring about laughter and happiness. Carnation: these pretty ruffled blooms come in a variety of colours with each having a unique meaning – try pink for affection. Lily: long lasting and fragrant, these popular flowers symbolize elegance and beauty – mums will love pink and white lilies. Rose: classic roses are a great way to say ‘I love you’ – but for mum, skip the red roses and go for pastel pink instead.

Celebrate Mother’s Day – order by 9:00am Saturday, 7 May 2016.

Top 3 Autumn blooms

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Autumn has arrived, so here are our top 3 autumn blooms to help warm your heart and keep a smile on your face on these cooler days:

Alstroemerias – known as the Peruvian Lilu or Lily of the Incas, they have striped petals and no fragrance. They come in vibrant colours like orange, pink, rose, purple, red, yellow or white and will last about two weeks in a vase. Hyacinth – have an intoxicating scent and feature clusters of small flowers along a single stalk. Hyacinths come in many rich colours like magenta and deep indigo, as well as pale pink, baby blue, yellow and white. Cymbidium Orchid – or the Boat Orchid is a stunning long-lasting flower that comes in flamboyant colours including orange, apricots, browns, reds, burgundy, yellow and green.

Spring is wedding season and flowers are an important part of the big day. The tradition of carrying a bridal bouquet is meant to bring good fortune and prosperity to the bride.

How do you choose the perfect bouquet? Here are three things to consider before talking to your florist:

Style: Select flowers that reflect your style and personality – are you classic, modern or bohemian? Colour: Choose flowers to compliment your invitations, bridesmaid dresses and reception décor. Budget: Be clear on how much you’re willing to spend and choose flowers that are in season.

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